Why Baketech’s Free Baking Class is a Must Try

Why Baketech’s Free Baking Class is a Must Try

Who would say NO to a baking lesson and takeout breads for FREE?

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 Of course I didn’t. Lol.

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Allow me to share my exciting and productive experience at Baketech’s Free Baking Class.

I accidentally came across Baketech when a friend liked their fan page and it appeared on my newsfeed.

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Being the baking afficionado that I am, I wasted no second! I completed all the requirements and  signed up myself for the April 23rd class. Thankfully, I was picked (out of the thousand aspirants) to complete their class of 15 for that particular date.

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When I stepped inside the kitchen I saw my apron and hairnet waiting from my seat and a baking module that includes basic baking concepts and all the recipes Chef Jed taught us that day – all of these were provided by Baketech!

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Baketech has been in the business for several years now, developing, fabricating, distributing, and manufacturing high quality food and bakery equipment and machines. Their services include not only the design, fabrication, and manufacturing of these world-class equipment, but also the customization of specific equipment that each business needs.

They also hold seminars and training sessions for those who wish to learn more about baking, food preparation, and how to run a food business.

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It was the very friendly and award-winning Chef Jed de Guzman (he just nabbed the first prize for the Baker’s Cup Cake Competition at the recent 8th Filipino-Chinese Bakery Fair)

baketech free baking class20


who facilitated the basic baking lessons that lasted for almost 5 hours (sulit di ba?) where we’re able to produce these breads recipes from scratch.

1. Cheese Bread

baketech free baking class6


 2. Pan de Coco

baketech free baking class9



3. Ensaymada

baketech free baking class15


 4. Spanish Bread

baketech free baking class18


 and Pinoys’ favorite #1 bread

5. Pandesal

baketech free baking class5


And the best part, we got to eat AND take home as many breads as we want! ☺ Baketech was even more generous to even provide us with huge bottles of soda to quench our thirst as we partake our freshly-baked merienda. 

baketech free baking class2


 It wasn’t the first time that I attended a class like this, but this one at Baketech’s is truly one for the (cooking) books! ☺  I met new friends and learned a lot from Chef Jed.

Now I understand why even people living outside of Manila, as far as Laguna and Tarlac, endure hours of travel just to come all the way to Manila and attend their baking classes.

baketech free baking class22


Baketech has truly imbibed the value of quality, in all that they produce and in all that they provide.So if you’re looking for effective baking lessons or want to go shopping for affordable but premium baking and kitchen supplies and equipment, Baketech headquarters are located in 4 branches across the country, in Sta. Cruz Manila, Isabela, Pangasinan, and soon in Davao!

 Baketech Solutions

Address: Baketech Solutions Sta.Cruz, Manila Branch
Landline: (02)516-6366
Mobile: 0915-5533331 / 0921-3070000

Website: http://www.baketechsolutions.com/

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  • Wow, this is like a dream come true for many aspiring bakers. From what you wrote, I also understand why some really travel just to attend it!

    • ruthalarcon

      Yes. It’s worth the travel. Thanks Maan 🙂

  • I’ve always wanted to learn how to make breads … this is a fun class 🙂

    • ruthalarcon

      It is! This experience actually makes me want to come back again and enroll in their other baking classes.

      Thanks Viva Kitchen Goddess

  • I love baking as well. It’s a good therapy! This is really helpful for wannabe bakers.

    • ruthalarcon

      True. I find it therapeutic as well. 🙂

  • Wow! This looks like a great class 🙂 It’s very generous of them to conduct it for free. Baking breads is something I really wanted to learn. Thank you for sharing your experience!

    • ruthalarcon

      Thanks Kath. 🙂

  • Ang saya ng baking!! 🙂 Kaya lang wala ata akong talent dyan.

    • ruthalarcon

      Meron yan! Hehe 🙂 Wala din akong talent sa baking natuto lang din. Hehe 🙂

  • Wow. I wish I have the patience. 🙂 Ako na lang taga taste 🙂

    • ruthalarcon

      Lol. Yan din ang paborito ko. Hehehe 🙂

  • Is this for free? We had a bakery when I was a kid and I saw how our baker creates yummy breads… kaso nakalimutan ko na lahat. I wish I can attend an event like this next time. I love Spanish breads 🙂

    • ruthalarcon

      Yes dear this is for free. May pa-softdrinks pa! Hehe

  • amy calimoso

    I like to attend free seminar on baking pls when is your next batch.here is my contac nmbr 0919448520.

  • Wow it such a nice experience 🙂 I will try to attend one of their free seminar

  • Ok ito ah! I would love to join their workshops, if only they were not too far from me.

  • Ayi

    I would love to attend their workshops 🙂 I want to learn how to make bread and this is something I shouldn’t miss. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • I’ve always wanted to try baking! Not sure if I’m cut out for it though.

  • Wow! This sounds nice! I’m such a fan of many of those breads and it’d be great to learn how to bake them. Hehe. 🙂

  • DO they still have a free class? I wanna join!

  • That’s genius! Baking lessons + Baking Tools/Machines/Supplies! My mom should see this coz my parents are in the pastry business =)

  • Ganda! Sana they’d have that one here in Cebu as well. Would love to try out baking.

  • Pearl Paguio

    I would welcome any free baking lessons with open arms! I’m starting to learn how to bake. Hopefully be able to master it soon.

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