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Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake with Simple Chocolate Glaze

This chocolate cake is so rich, decadent, and simple to make. The equally simple glaze is versatile and doesn’t require melting chocolate chips or chunks. I was not satisfied with my bread recipe the other day so I decided to perk up my day yesterday by baking a chocolate cake. Well, my chocolate cake is […]

Garlic Sauce

I accidentally discovered this fantastic recipe when I was making my Chicken Adobo Crepes. This soft and creamy garlic sauce is so affordable, easy to cook, and goes well with salad, chips, bread, steak, or roasted chicken.

Hasselback Potatoes

If there are people who fuel me to keep at exploring baking, they are my daughters! It excites them so much when they see me browsing recipes in the web. Aaaand they know very well that when I pinned a recipe on my Baking Pinterest board, given a day or two, there’s no way I’m not gonna […]