Up to this very day, I still cannot figure out how and when did I start loving baking (and cooking). I wasn’t even a good cook when I was still single and still am, after I got married. I’m no expert at any chores, and I’d take the courage to say that I didn’t know how to do some of it then, but I’m bolder to admit that I’m a semi-pro now. I feel really good when I become better in a specific area, except for laundry that exhausts me, my soul, and everything in between. So, I have someone helping me in that department. (Thanks Ate Inday!)

Dream. I  enjoyed play kitchens during my pig-tail-days. I watched cooking shows; of course, the inevitable attachment to anything sweet- THESE are all a part of my being. Once I dreamt myself sharing recipes in front of the camera, but never did I imagine that it will interest me – in full swing.

Before last year ends, a very awesome gift and my current favorite arrived at my doorstep. My husband gave me a 10L U.S. Tradition Roaster – Oven.

Then,it instantly changed my LIFE (Insert twinkling audio here).

#MyBakingAddiction starts at 1…2…3..