It’s been a year of using #Nutri10Plus but it still amazes me even up to now! In my very first review of Nutri10 Plus, I made it a daily part of my kids’ diet and the results are surprising!

Before we talk about the evident outcome, let me tell you again what you shouldn’t miss in every bottle of Nutri10 Plus!

1. CGF or Choleralla Growth Factor: Which promotes faster than normal growth without adverse side effects.

2. Taurine: Prevents diabetes, liver diseases, and epileptic seizures. Strengthens the heart muscles and extends their life spans, provides potent retina protection and others.

3. Lysine: Lysine is an amino acid. It’s important because our body cannot produce it, therefore it has to be taken in either by diet or supplement. Lysine is found in protein foods such as beans, milk, yogurt, meat, wheat, etcetera. It helps in prevention of osteoporosis, herpes, and cold sores.

#Nutri10Plus: My Most Trusted Multivitamins For My Kids

4.  Zinc: Strengthens our immune system to protect our body from diseases, healing wounds, and age-related mascular degeneration; and other vitamins such as,

5. Vitamin D as Cholecalciferol, Vitamin E as Acetate, Vitamin B1 Riboflavin, Vitamin B2 as Pyridoxine HCI, Vitamin B12 as Cyanocobalamin, and Vitamin C as Ascorbic Acid.

Before I learned about Nutri10 Plus, I was struggling in keeping my kids’ appetite. Even if I cooked their favorite food, surprisingly, they would only consume less than I expected. There were also times when they would refuse to eat or pick the unhealthy foods instead.

I really felt terrible and guilty that time, because I thought I wasn’t doing my role as a mother because my kids didn’t want to eat! OR if they did, only a very few spoonfuls, and that’s it! I’m very worried that my kids weren’t getting the right nutritional content their age need.

My kids needed a little “push” to stimulate their appetite. Good thing I learned about Nutri10 Plus!

#Nutri10Plus: My Most Trusted Multivitamins For My Kids

Nutri10 Plus has since then my trusted appetite booster when my kids’ appetite seem absent. I have observed the remarkable results a day after they took the multivitamins. If my kids can’t even finish a plate before they started taking Nutri10 Plus, this time, they can finish 2-3 plates in one sitting!

What is also worth noting is that — when your kids are taking Nutri10 Plus, rest assured that they are sick-proof! My kids are 10 and 7, both very active and attend school everyday! They brave rains, the heat of the sun,  and the inconsistent weather from day-to-day! I feel secure knowing that I have Nutri10 Plus as my partner in keeping my kids healthy and safe from illnesses!

You too can try and see the wonderful results of Nutri10 Plus! Check out these testimonies from mommies of kids who are Nutri10 Plus users!

Be one of us! Let me know if we share the same result! Comment your Nutri10 Plus experience below!

Stay sweet!