When I work in the kitchen, I see to it that my time is never wasted. That’s why I got myself a peeler and slicer tool from Goods.Ph to save time in peeling and slicing my ingredients whenever I cook or bake.

As a Mom and WAHM (work-at-home mom) my time is so precious. My daily routine involves, prepping up and sending my 2 kids to school, go to the market,  cook our meals, work in front of the computer, check my emails, clean the house, wash the dishes, and so on.

If you’re a mother, for sure you can relate very well with me as far as these multiple tasks are concern. If there’s an available option to fast track one specific activity, I’d take that option right away so I can free up more time and delegate it to my rest time or do more important tasks within the day.

To give you an example, for weekdays, I prefer simple and easy-to-cook meals. My 2 kids go to school before lunch time, that’s why I have to prepare their food as early as I could. I see to it that they have both taken their lunches before I send them to school.

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Peeling and slicing ingredients really take time, especially if your recipe calls for great quantitites. So to save up more time in cooking and baking, this peeler and slicer tool might be a great help to us! Let’s see if it will deliver!

So to give justice to the product, I gave it a video review on my channel! Please watch the full review here:

Over all, I’ll give a 3- star rating for this peeler and slicer tool. I think this product will help me more in my baking especially when I make apple pies and tarts but less in cooking. The tool is probably designed to work perfectly for apples and fruits with shape similar to apple (pear for example). Well, yes, it does peel small and rounded vegetables but there will always be a portion of the skin that will remain unscathed, because, again, the tool wasn’t designed to peel a variety of fruits and veggies, but only apples and fruits that resemble its shape.

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Secondly, the rotating peeler had to be positioned in a specific spot before peeling takes place. Did you notice it in the video? I had to make the peeler complete a 360-degree turn around the fruit before it begins to work! And thirdly, how I wish the product comes in a packaging that’s labeled in a language that can be understood by everyone. Like, for one, I was checking out the instructions for proper care of the blades so I could prevent it from rusting. I think the box has it, I just couldn’t comprehend it.

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So there, I hope you enjoy my video and blog review of the peeler and slicer tool! If you’re interested to get this product too or check out their cool line up of affordable goods, click this link to take you to Goods.PH store – www.goods.ph

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