STRONGHAND Shooting Range:  A Perfect Gift for Daddy!

 I attended a shooting event that was set exclusively for bloggers last Saturday at the STRONGHAND Shooting Range in QC. We arrived 15 minutes before our call time so there was plenty of time for me and hubby to explore the place and take pictures.

STRONGHAND Shooting Range:  A Perfect Gift for Daddy!




The first thing I noticed was their claim of being a “toxic-free” shooting range. According to Stronghand Shooting Range they use only bullets with Vihta Vuori Smokeless Powder and Russo non-toxic primers – these are Stronghand exclusives. Their bullets are fully covered with copper and formulated to perform at its best without leaving heavy metal residue in the air.


When an indoor range is poorly ventilated and uses bullets with heavy metal content, it leaves a funny taste on the throat and headache after a session; but Stronghand is  no air-borne lead, no sulphur dioxide, no barium oxide, no antimony oxide range, which means that Stronghand is free from the four health threatening heavy metals found in common bullets. It also means good ventilation and constant purification of indoor air!

We were toured around Stronghand, inside and outside the range. I’m impressed how well-maintained their facilities are! Every area is spacious, brightly-lit, and air-conditioned. There’s a 180 degree viewing window made of glass, seminar room and large and small bays. Floors are very clean and polished, and restrooms are complete with essentials including bidets – which is a plus point for me. 🙂

STRONGHAND Shooting Range:  A Perfect Gift for Daddy!





Before we proceeded to shooting, they let us attend a 20-30 minute briefing about the safe and proper way of handling a firearm, conducted by Stronghand’s in-house Range Officer, Sir Benjamin Aura.

We know how dangerous guns could be if mishandled, that’s why Stronghand is very strict in enforcing these house rules, which is just appropriate given the sensitivity of the sport:

1. No ID, No Shoot! (They require 1 government issued ID before starting a session.)

2. Wearing eye protectors and ear muffs is SOP (standard operating procedure) inside the shooting range.

3. No clearing of guns or removing bullets in the receiving area or outside the range.

STRONGHAND Shooting Range:  A Perfect Gift for Daddy!





4. Shooters are not allowed to collect empty bullet shells.

5. Consider every gun as loaded

6. Do not point the gun at anything you do not intend to shoot.

7. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot

8. Know your target

Inside the venue,  adjacent to the range is Stronghand’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Cafe. It serves refreshments, desserts, and snacks. Kids could also stay here and in areas outside the shooting range since they are not allowed to come inside the firing zone.

So after our pistol course they handed us our guns (HS 9mm), 20 pieces of bullets, eye protectors, and ear muffs. Each shooter gets a free locker too! 🙂

STRONGHAND Shooting Range:  A Perfect Gift for Daddy!





A last-minute training for aiming and reloading bullets were provided for us before we start shooting. They showed us both the manual way and the faster and easier way of loading a magazine by using a speedloader.

STRONGHAND Shooting Range:  A Perfect Gift for Daddy!






In my first ten rounds, I was able to hit the bull’s eye and four other bullets landed almost near the center! (Not bad for a starter!) But my next 10 rounds were horrible! 4 out of 10 shots were nowhere near the target! Perhaps, I was consumed with my excitement and forgot about my shooting lessons! I used my rear sight instead of the front (shooting tip!) when I aimed towards the target. So that’s one important reminder in range shooting – keep your presence of mind and relax!

To sum it up, my first experience of target shooting at Stronghand was incredible and one for the books! Honestly, I may look girly on the outside but I prefer active sports. Sports that will challenge my strength and stamina- and target shooting is now one of the best I’ve tried, along with mountain climbing and wall climbing!

STRONGHAND Shooting Range:  A Perfect Gift for Daddy!





I also would like to commend Stronghand’s range coaches and range officer, Sir Aura for sharing their expertise and providing us helpful tips in target shooting. They were very patient and encouraging for us beginners!

Good news! Stronghand Shooting Range pays tribute to the persevering and hardworking dads in every family! They are offering a 100%discount on range fee for Fathers for the month of June!  That’s 500 bucks cheaper! So just come by at Stronghand  and show a picture of your kid to avail of the promo!

If you want to inquire about their rates and promos, please visit their website at —

or subscribe to their fanpage — Stronghand Shooting Range


Stronghand Shooting Range

La Defense Building 1660 E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave., Cubao QC.

(02) 721-7174 (0927) 424-3866