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Garlic Sauce

I accidentally discovered this fantastic recipe when I was making my Chicken Adobo Crepes. This soft and creamy garlic sauce is so affordable, easy to cook, and goes well with salad, chips, bread, steak, or roasted chicken.

S’mores Brownies

Camping without S’mores is like a light bulb without electricity. It’s worthless. S’mores, by the way, are melted marshmallows with thin slabs of chocolate toasted over a bonfire, sandwiched together by graham crackers.

Hasselback Potatoes

If there are people who fuel me to keep at exploring baking, they are my daughters! It excites them so much when they see me browsing recipes in the web. Aaaand they know very well that when I pinned a recipe on my Baking Pinterest board, given a day or two, there’s no way I’m not gonna […]

Baked Spaghetti with Cream de Champignons

Happy Saturday everyone! So, how have you been spending your weekend, so far? For me, my weekends are ALWAYS reserved for family, friends, and for myself. I strictly enforced a “no work weekend” rule unless there’s a dire need to, which by the way, happens once or twice only in a year. Like everybody else, I also look […]

Cinnamon Swirls

Now the baking saga continues… So here’s the first recipe that I tried with my new oven and the very first bread that I baked! This bread recipe is very simple and suits first-timers in bread baking. I would like to share some important points though at the end of this post. 

Why, hello baking!

Up to this very day, I still cannot figure out how and when did I start loving baking (and cooking). I wasn’t even a good cook when I was still single and still am, after I got married. I’m no expert at any chores, and I’d take the courage to say that I didn’t know how to do some […]