It’s always a challenge for me to make only the most delicious and healthiest school snacks or “baon” for my kids. I see to it that their food is not just nutritious but appetizing as well!

The true test if my daughters liked their “baon” is when they come home with an empty lunchbox! I remember, there was one time when my daughter was complaining about her classmate who sneaked in and ate away almost all of her snacks! She said that opening her lunchbox during her recess is like opening a gold chest – everyone’s so eager to see the treasures inside!

chicken tortilla cups5

So you see, where the pressure is coming from? 🙂

Today, since school is only a couple of sleep away, let me share you another yummy and easy recipe that you can make anytime for your growing children, the Cheesy Chicken Tortilla Cups with Jolly’s Cream of Mushroom Condensed SoupThere would be some ingredients that you need to prepare ahead of your cooking like the tortilla, and chicken nuggets/chicken breast; nevertheless, you can always substitute and maximize products found inside your home, in a ‘palengke‘ or ‘sari-sari‘ store near you.

chicken tortilla cups4

In this recipe, I used Chicken nuggets, because it’s easy to cook. If you prefer real chicken, pick the breast part and ask your butcher to fillet it for you. For the veggies, your options are limitless! My daughter likes spicy + bittery + sour+ combo, that’s why I used fresh purple onions and tomatoes for my tortilla cups.

chicken tortilla cups


If you don’t own a convection oven, you can use an oven toaster or just your dependable pan to toast your tortillas, just don’t overcook them or they can become very stiff  and unbendable.

There are many ways to fold a tortilla if you can’t make it in cups. I tried the easiest and most conventional fold, and this is how it would look –

chicken tortilla cups10

So without further adieu, here is the recipe of Cheesy Chicken Tortilla Cups with Jolly’s Cream of Mushroom Condensed Soup


Cheesy Chicken Tortilla Cups with Jolly’s Cream of Mushroom Condensed Soup
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 6-8 tortilla cups
  • 1 pack of Chicken Nuggets
  • 1 pack of Tortilla (small)
  • vegetable oil
  • Toasted garlic for toppings
  • Quick Melt for toppings
  • Red onions thinly sliced
  • Tomatoes thinly sliced
  • Chopped Garlic
  • Sauce
  • 1 can of Jolly Cream of Mushroom Condensed Soup
  • 1 tetra pack of all-purpose cream
  • 1 chicken cube
  1. Heat the pan
  2. Pour vegetable oil onto the pan
  3. Pour 1 pack of chicken nuggets onto the pan and fry until golden brown
  4. Cut into small pieces then set aside. Prepare the sauce.
  5. Saute chopped garlic over a slightly oiled pan
  6. Pour 1 can of Jolly’s Cream of Mushroom Condensed Soup
  7. Pour 1 tetra pack of all-purpose cream
  8. Put one block of Chicken cube
  9. Simmer under low heat.
  10. Set aside
  11. Pre-heat oven for 10 mins (125C)
  12. Make cups using tortillas then place them inside the muffin pan
  13. Fill each tortilla cups with all the ingredients: Jolly mushroom sauce, chicken, onons, tomatoes
  14. Fill more sauce on top of each tortilla cup
  15. Grate quick melt cheese on top
  16. Bake for 15-20 mins
  17. Topped with toasted garlic
  18. Serve

Enjoy! Happy cooking!