Mio Gelati Is Not Your Typical Ice Cream

When gelato was first introduced here in the Philippines, I probably had the same question in mind just like anybody else: “Are gelato and ice cream the same thing?  Before, I thought that “gelato” is just “ice cream” with an Italian accent.  Though both are somewhat alike, there are a few key differences between the two.


Churning is the process of turning milk into various forms of butter, or in this case, ice cream. With gelato, the churning process is at a much slower speed. The distinct pace prevents overruns or whipping in plenty of air. This process explains why gelato has a softer or denser texture compared to its American counterpart.


I’ve heard feedback that gelato is healthier than ice cream. This is absolute! Research says that Gelato has a lower percentage of fat because it uses more milk than cream. Ice cream uses otherwise. That is the reason why it’s more fun to mix a wide variety of flavors and toppings with gelato because it really would shine through.

5 Reasons Why Mio Gelati Stands Out

  1. 18 Flavors and counting

When it was time for me to pick my gelato, I remember being still for five long minutes in front of the counter! I was overwhelmed with Mio Gelati’s large repertoire of flavors! I really couldn’t choose!

As of the moment, Mio Gelati offers 18 yummy flavors to choose from:

  1. Black Chocolate
  2. Cookie Butter
  3. Pistachio
  4. Ferrero
  5. Blueberry Cheesecake
  6. Mango Cream Pie
  7. Kitkat Green Tea
  8. Vanilla
  9. Bubblegum
  10.  Espresso Chip
  11. Strawberry
  12. Kinder Bueno
  13. Salter Caramel
  14. Avocado Milk
  15. Melon Milk
  16. Mint Chocolate Chips
  17. Cookies and Cream
  18. Willy Wonka

Please take note that Mio Gelati keeps improving their flavors to keep up with the demands. Thus, some flavors may only be available only at a given time.

2. Taste test

When you drop by at the Mio Gelati store, don’t forget that they give a free taste for customers. This is ideal for people like me who couldn’t make quick decisions for serious problems, like, choosing a flavor? 🙂

Don’t be shy to approach the ice cream girl/server if you want to taste some of their delights for free! They will give you a disposable gelato spoon filled with the product you picked to try out.

3. More physical stores soon!

You can grab a cup of fresh gelato from these Mio Gelati branches! And there’s a new one in Vertis North that’s underway!

  • Century City Mall
  • Gateway Mall
  • Trinoma
  • SM North, and
  • Mercato Centrale in BGC

4. Affordable

While gelato is normally pricey than ice cream, Mio Gelati is budget-friendly! Mio Gelati offers a cheaper menu and a price list that wouldn’t hit your wallet!

Regular flavors cost Php 100/cup (small) and Php 180 for a bigger cup. While premium flavors are Php 120/cup (small) and Php 220 for a bigger tub. Alcoholic, Php 140 and Php 260 for small and big cups respectively.

A fusion of regular + premium + alcoholic flavors is also an option! Show your foodie skills by mixing and matching one flavor with another! Get a cup of regular + premium for Php 200, regular + alcoholic for Php 200, and premium + alcoholic for Php 240.

5. Health and Age-friendly

Older folks prefer foods that are less sweet. Others totally decline to eat desserts or anything sweet due to health reasons. Surprisingly, Mio Gelati comes up with a concoction that fits all ages and health! Their gelato isn’t too sweet! It just hits the right notes!

Bring the entire family now and enjoy a comforting cup full of goodness from Mio Gelati!

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