Bakedhoven Reviews: Love Desserts + Giveaway

Bakedhoven Reviews: Love Desserts + Giveaway

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I was one of the lucky mommies who were selected to spend a Saturday brunch at Love Desserts‘ recently opened branch in Pearl Drive at Fairview, Quezon City (they also have a branch in Banawe).

It took us around an hour from Manila to QC before we finally get there; and I tagged the very supportive Mr. N (my hubby) to come along with me.

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The ambiance inside Love Desserts is pretty soothing. It is beautifully appointed with vintage decors and made use of soft tones that exude comfort and calmness. The glass walls, allowing  the natural light to pass through the room, creates a bright and lively atmosphere while the overlooking view of the main road and a few greens are such a beautiful sight to behold.

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There’s one long buffet table filled with different varieties of colorful and yummy desserts sagged in the center of the room. It’s almost unbelievable that you can actually eat everything that’s served on that table for just Php 199!

Just imagine how much a roll of cake costs nowadays — prolly around Php200-300? But with their unlimited desserts buffet, you can have all the kinds of dessert that you want! From brownies, to cakes, ice creams, milkshakes, etc!

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So let me take you to a “sweet” tour inside Love Desserts!  I’m so excited to share my favorite pieces too!

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These long queues of Parfaits are Blueberry and Mango Jello and in the middle is Chocolate Mousse parfait – a personal favorite.

im in love with love desserts6

If you are a cupcake person, there’s plenty of flavors that you can choose from. Pick your bet – blueberry cheesecake, dark chocolate, or macaroon cupcakes?

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Well, obviously you know what those are! And the good news? All of them are served likewise on the buffet table!

Pies, pastillas, and brownies are a must-try too! Below are proofs!

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 Now this is another personal favorite…

Tadaaa! CREAM PUFFS!!! These cream puffs are phenomenal and GIGANTIC!! You should grab a bite of those when you happen to visit Love Desserts!

im in love with love desserts2

Rainbow cake, anyone?

im in love with love desserts7

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If you’re jaded from eating too much sweets, and want to take a break from sugar, found on the next table are nachos, cheese sticks, arroz caldo, and empanada.

My tip – Get loooooots of Nachos! 🙂

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For cold desserts, you can try making your own halu-halo using those  ingredients (see above). They also offer fresh fruits and salads.

And their ice cream? It’s just simply the best! Sylvannas and choco truffles are equally amazing as well!

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If you’ll bring kids along with you, have them try the candy bar!

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And if you want to see Love Desserts’ crew in action, request for crepes and see how creative they can get!

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See? #LaborOfLove 

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Lastly, Love Desserts has unlimited drinks to slake your thirst –  iced tea, milkshake, fruitshake, and coffee.

My “Saturdate” with Mr. N went literally “sweet” thanks to Love Desserts we got home in a food coma! Lol.

So, if you are looking for an affordable and luscious desserts buffet, put the one and the original Love Desserts on your bucket list! Their food is great and each kind offers a distinct taste!

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Aside from the food, one reason why I looked forward to this event was because I finally got to meet the people behind Mommy Bloggers Philippines.

I’m so thankful and blessed to have known these awesome mommies and be part of the MBP. I can’t wait to see you again, ladies!

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And oh, Mommy Louisa here’s our dapat-payat-ako-diyan shot. 😉

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Thank you also Ms. Emily for being so kind and accommodating!

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Okay. So for the most-awaited giveaway! Yey! Finally!!! 🙂

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Love Desserts and Bakedhoven want to give my readers a chance to date their loving Moms on Mother’s Day!

I will pick 5 winners along with their moms for a FREE all-day desserts buffet at Love Desserts!

Contest Mechanics:

1. Give Love Desserts and Bakedhoven fanpages a LIKE.

2. Share this blogpost on your wall (use the url below)

3. Comment your name and email address where we can notify you if you win at the end of this article.

4. Valid for PH residents only.

5. Giveaway runs until May 15 only.

6. Mothers’ Day Buffet is on May 17 at Love Desserts Fairview Branch in Pearl Drive, Commonwealth, QC.

7. Complete the Rafflecaptor below

a Rafflecopter giveaway

8. Update:


1. Michelle Jeanne Dompor and Marilou Dompor
2. Shalene Rivera and Ofelia Angeles Salvatierra
3. Remer  Cuarez and Marilyn Dela Rosa
4. Linena Pablo and Joan Pablo
5. Emiliana Sison and Daniella Nicole Mallare

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