Bakedhoven Reviews: Kat’s Cafe

Bakedhoven Reviews: Kat’s Cafe


Metro Manila was under signal number 1 on Saturday because of Typhoon Lando, but even strong winds, heavy rains and terrible traffic couldn’t stop the Blogger’s Food Trip from happening at Robinson’s Place in Las Pinas. Around 12-15 bloggers attended the event, mostly were from food, lifestyle, and travel niches.

The catch is to try 2 homegrown southern Manila restaurants chartered at Robinson’s Place Las PinasWe were given a list of restaurants prior to the event and I picked Kat’s Cafe and Icings Cafe and Bakery for obvious reasons. I’m writing this post in 2 parts as I want to give a detailed account of my food trip experience from these restaurants I’ve just visited.

So first off, Kat’s Cafe!

Kats Cafe14

I was accomodated by the warm and friendly owner of Kat’s Cafe – Katrece or Kat Gramo. She’s a graduate of Culinary Studies (but she humbly refused to my attempt of calling her “Chef”) and beautiful mommy to twins. Just a fun fact, did you know that her twins were the reason behind the 2 cherries hanging above her cafe’s logo? 🙂

Kats Cafe8

Kat’s Cafe started out as a small neighborhood cafe in BF Resort at Las Pinas, but because of the growing number of its patronizers, Kat with the help of a friend, who happens to be an expert Barista, heeded their call and ventured into a much bigger venue – at Rob Place Las Pinas.

Kats Cafe15

Cleanliness inside the restaurant is impressive. Floors are clean and everything is neat. I love the scent of fresh coffee! It stimulated my senses and brightened up my mood even before I had a dose of it. The cafe offers wi-fi and reading pleasure, check out the mini library at the corner!

Kats Cafe13

The homey and peaceful ambiance of Kat’s Cafe will taunt you to grab a book from their shelf while enjoying their interesting menu. Those shelves by the way also serve as a door to the cafe’s comfort room.

Kats Cafe18

The surprisingly harmonious fusion of masculine and feminine elements is noticeable as showcased through its interiors. The fashionable blend of bricks, warm shades, and rustic displays accentuated every space in the room, making it cozier and well, instagrammable! 🙂

Kats Cafe16

Their menu offerings are not centered to sweet-toothed customers only, as they also serve different pasta dishes and sandwiches! I got for myself Kat’s Aglio Oglio (only Php170) and Miss Piggy Bacon Shake for refreshment.

Kats Cafe1

Kat’s Aglio Olio was served with a generous amount of tasty Spanish sardines, fresh tomatoes, kesong puti and a wedge of lemon on top! At first, I thought the sardines + kesong puti combo won’t come along well, but, it actually worked! Pasta was not overcooked but the slices of garlic bread were a little dry for me though.

Kats Cafe

Miss Piggy’s Bacon Milkshake is a breath of fresh air! I never imagined that bacons can be a major component in drinks too! Interesting flavor + gigantic serving = Food coma 🙂

Kats Cafe7

They say, “A recipe has no soul, as a cook, you must bring soul to the recipe.” Upon learning from Kat, it took her several attempts before she finally perfected the recipes on her menu. Well, her hardships paid off! It’s just amazing how she turned odd combinations into a masterpiece!

Kats Cafe19

Huge servings are also a plus point for Kat’s Cafe. Bravo for Kat and her staff for providing the best for their customers! It’s not all the time you came across a restaurant that offers affordable and delicious food, fresh recipes, and big servings all at the same time!

Kats Cafe6

Kat’s Cafe also accepts made-to-order cakes and cupcakes! Kat is very creative and her concepts are out of the box! Visit Kat’s Cafe to check out her creations and wonderful food!

Kats Cafe10


Kat’s Cafe

Ground Floor, Robinsons Place Las Pinas,

Alabang-Zapote Road, Talon Uno, Las Piñas City




  • Melisa Centino Sanchez

    The ambiance looks cool, I love their presentations and I think these really great.

  • Charleys Mommy

    Wow!!!! Such a good find! I cant wait to try Kat’s Cafe! Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  • Marjorie Gavan

    You had me at the word clean, it’s always a plus point for me when a certain establishment is clean, as what all establishments should be. Kat’s Cafe sure looks cute, I totally dig the interiors.

  • Aika Lopez

    The place has good interiors and so many highlights. Very nice place visit. Thank you for posting this! I’ll visit this, soon!

  • Erica

    I love the decor and interior of this cafe. It’s very inviting.

  • Arianeperalta

    Wow! I’m definitely checking this place out! I super love cafes

  • BA

    Such a cozy place. I want to visit right away.

  • Their place looks so beautiful. If only they’re nearer my place, I’ll surely visit them asap!

  • Pearl Paguio

    It was a mistake going to this page of your site! Now I’m hungry from looking at all those pictures and it’s like 1:30 am >.< That's so cool to be invited by the way. Wish I can get a chance to do something like that too. Robinsons Las Pinas is quite near from our place.

  • Milton Coyne

    Okay.. so now I’m drooling and craving for cupcakes haha.. I love the place.. it looks so neat and very cozy.. hopefully I can drop by here soon…

  • You had me at Bacon Milkshake! Will definitely check out the place once I’m in the area 🙂

  • The restaurant looks very charming! This is too far South for us though.

  • Kat Jorge-Rodriguez

    The place looks inviting, and the food, yummy looking.

  • May De Jesus-Palacpac

    Oooh, I saw that piggy shake on my news feed. Very interesting. A little odd, but interesting. I’d love to try it sometime.

  • cm

    Very nice atmosphere for this cafe, reminds me of a local cafe we have here in Leyte. Having someplace that is nice like that to go and work while enjoying a nice coffee is so needed in the Freelancer/IT world.

    – Your Blog Supercharger
    Chris McIntosh

  • She came from BF Resort in Las Piñas, not Parañaque. 😉 But yes, I LOVE everything at that place, especially the quatro formagi pasta, cheese sammich, and mango pistachio cupcake! <3

    • Thank you so much Kathi for the info. xx I honestly wanna go back and try other dishes on her menu. Hopefully they would consider bringing Kat’s Cafe here up north! 🙂

  • Loving the ambience of this cafe! I’m sure the dishes taste as good as they look!

  • Super love the interiors and the presentation of the food, too. Very nice place to hangout — or work at.

  • I love how the place looks, even the displays! Will definitely check them out on our next roadtrip. Thank you for sharing!

  • Wow, the place looks really cozy and cute! Too bad it’s pretty far from my place, but would definitely love to drop by if ever I happen to be in the area 🙂 Awesome photos, btw!

  • Karla Ramos

    “Interesting flavor + gigantic serving = Food coma ” – Thumbs up for this! I’ll head out soon to Kat’s Cafe and experience Food Coma as well!

  • Jennifer Villanueva

    Kat’s Cafe looks teally neat! And kid friendly, i hope they have a branch in ortigas area. I’ll take note of this and check it out when im in the area

  • The place is quaint and the food + drink look very interesting, problem is it’s sooo far away from me… XD

  • awesome pictures mommy! i’m just near the place and I haven’t even tried this resto lol.. Looks promising, so will surely pay them a visit! Thanks 🙂

  • Kat’s Cafe looks like a great place to spend brunch with friends!

  • OMG! the food looks so glorious! Too bad Las Pinas is so far from where I live 🙁

  • Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy

    The place looks instagrammable nga! Too bad it’s so far from our place.

  • awww…it’s too far from where I live but my oh my! i super love the interiors!

  • Ayi Dela Cruz

    Ang layo from where I live :(( I love cafes like this. Makes me want to make that trip in the South 🙂

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