I grew up in one, if not the only, area in Manila that never sleeps, and that is Tondo! ūüôā Almost everyone¬†in Tondo loves to eat! Maybe, that explains why there’s always a food cart, carinderia, store, or food stall in every corner of my hometown.¬† Isaw, barbecue, balut, penoy, green mango with bagoong, ice scramble, turon, kwek-kwek, and banana cue¬†are just some of¬†my favorites and also¬†the best streetfoods¬†that I know!


Did you know that our feature restaurant today¬†started selling their bestseller only as a streetfood? The¬†inspiring story and humble begginings of¬†Ineng’s Special Barbecue¬†started in the late 90’s¬†when the owners offered their very first 40 barbecue sticks at the corner of Edsa and Main Avenue during a weekend market. Not long after, in 2004, the first Ineng’s restaurant was born¬†at Market! Market! and¬†the rest, as what they say, is history.

robinsons place antipolo

When Robinsons Malls¬†sponsored a food blogger’s tour in the recently opened Robinsons Place Antipolo,¬†they gave¬†a list of restaurants for¬†us to try and feature on¬†our personal blogs. I knew right away that I wanted Ineng’s! The name got me interested and the classic Filipino menu they’re offering.

Crispy Pork Binagoongan Php295

Ineng’s heartwarming generosity wowed us as we went inside the resto. A table overflowing with only Ineng’s bestsellers¬†– Crispy Pork Binagoongan, Ineng’s Pinakbet, Pinoy Chopsuey, Beef Caldereta, and Ineng’s Special Pork Barbecue was¬†waiting¬†for our arrival!

Inengs Pinakbet Php 205

As expected, Inengs didn’t disappoint! Both Gerry (my co-blogger) and I, ¬†were all praises to Ineng’s because of the delicious food and hospitality! Simple Pinoy ulams became¬†authentic Ineng’s bestsellers by tweaking these recipes, adding a few twists, to keep it uniquely theirs.

Must-try at Ineng’s: Crispy Pork Binagoongan and Pork barbecue!

Beef Caldereta Php387

What else you shouldn’t miss at Ineng’s? There’s a¬†huge glass covered, smoke-free, indoor grill built¬†inside the resto! It would be quite a show for everyone, if they could see the popular Ineng’s juicy pork barbecue being cooked in front of their tables!

Restrooms are also provided within the store so there’s no need to wander around the mall to look¬†for the nearest one¬†when nature calls.

inengs barbecue review

From streetfood to a giant food chain! With Ineng’s two secret ingredients for success: quality food and “magiliw” brand of customer service, Ineng’s is definitely a great rival to other Filipino restaurants in the country!¬†There’s no doubt, Ineng’s keeps expanding dynamically nationwide¬†at present,¬†and who knows, one day, they might also become one of the most successful food industries here in the Philippines!

Thank you again¬†Robinsons Malls, for having me on this blogger’s food tour! I hope this won’t be the last!

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