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Peach Mousse

I’d whisked too much whipping cream when I made my Grilled Peaches with Chantilly Cream last week and there were still about four cups of cream left. I didn’t want to waste it and just throw everything in the bin so I thought of just using it for another dessert — Peach Mousse! 

Nutella Soufflé

Nutella Soufflé is just nothing short of addicting! It ‘s rich, moist, and decadent  – just exactly how I always wanted my cake and brownies to be like. 

Nachos with Mango and Fried Lumpia Wrapper: A Love Desserts’ Copycat Recipe

Remember this cheesy, meaty, and tangy nachos from Love Desserts? When I was invited to dine in at this lovely restaurant, one of the best (and my personal favorite) in their menu was nachos! Its unique and distinct taste is simply captivating! Not to mention its presentation that is nothing short of awesome! BUT you may notice that […]