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Mister Donut Unboxes A New Kind Of Fun In Manila23

Mister Donut Unboxes A New Kind Of Fun In Manila

Mister Donut: Pinoy’s Favorite Go-To Pasalubong! Mister Donut has been one of the favorite go-to ‘pasalubong‘ of my family.  Whenever my husband goes home from work, he sees to it that he  has always something for me and the kids. And when we crave for donuts, we want him to get them only from Mister […]

Anna Olson Cooks for Manila Audience, Promotes New Show with The Asian Food Channel

I was invited at the Makati Shangri-La last July 15 for a dinner event set to introduce to the Philippine audience the newest lifestyle show on the Asian Food Channel entitled, “Inspired with Anna Olson”, hosted by the Canadian pastry chef and my favorite, Anna Olson.

Titus Pens iDoodle Battle 2015 #Doodle4Food

  The above photo exactly summed up my thoughts about last Saturday’s event — the Titus Pens iDoodle Battle of the Champions held at SM MOA Music Hall. Doodling is no doubt MORE fun in the Philippines!

Yummy Big Baon Blowout 2015

  We’re on the second week since school has started. My kids and I are getting better at rising up early. Albeit there was one day last week when I missed my alarm and woke up so late! That’s a disaster! So I have to make it up this week and challenge myself for a “no-late” week! Let’s see […]