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Year: 2016

Halloween Treats: Frankenstein Krispies

Are you ready for trick-or-treating?! Halloween is coming up in less than a week! Which character would you or your kids dress up as for halloween?

#Nutri10Plus: My Most Trusted Multivitamins For My Kids

It’s been a year of using #Nutri10Plus but it still amazes me even up to now! In my very first review of Nutri10 Plus, I made it a daily part of my kids’ diet and the results are surprising!

Goods.PH’s Peeler and Slicer Tool Review

When I work in the kitchen, I see to it that my time is never wasted. That’s why I got myself a peeler and slicer tool from Goods.Ph to save time in peeling and slicing my ingredients whenever I cook or bake.

Pita Bread

Pita or Pitta Bread is a soft, slightly, leavened flatbread which originated in Mesopotamia around 2500 B.C. It is known as Arabic, Lebanese, or Syrian bread. Most Pita Breads are cooked at high temperature causing the flattened dough to puff up.

Anna Olson Cooks for Manila Audience, Promotes New Show with The Asian Food Channel

I was invited at the Makati Shangri-La last July 15 for a dinner event set to introduce to the Philippine audience the newest lifestyle show on the Asian Food Channel entitled, “Inspired with Anna Olson”, hosted by the Canadian pastry chef and my favorite, Anna Olson.